Sunday, 13 November 2011

Hopwood to Tardebigge

Captains Log

Canal Date                        13th November 2011
Travels                                 Hopwood to Tardebigge

It’s just like coming home when we arrive at Tardebigge. Although we do not spend much time here, we do know all of the local boaters. On arrival we were invited to bonfire and fireworks party. Plenty to eat, plenty to drink. Unfortunately there was also plenty of smoke getting in my eyes as well. A very good night indeed. While here I have managed to collect my Disco so am mobile on the roads for a short time. We made full use of this new mobility. We have both attended doctors appointments, hospital appointments; we have both been to the opticians. I have been to the dentist and taken Millie to the vets. That’s our annual health MOT up to date!

We are into late summer now (We both decided that we don’t do winter any more) since that time thief stole an hour off the day it has been getting late rather too early. What’s more, the distinct lack of sun is causing me to have to run the engine to keep the batteries charged. Once we are sure that we have finished with medical appointments we shall start our slow cruise heading northwards towards Birmingham city centre.

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MaggieC (Silvercrafter) said...

Don't like to tell you, but you were actually given an extra hour this time. Spring forward, Fall back. Watch out for Birmingham at this time of the year. It freezes up. Fill everything up and empty the things that need emptying,