Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Hockley Heath to Hopwood

Captains Log

Canal Date             1st November 2011
Travels                  Stratford & Worcester Birmingham canals

Sunday, 30 October 2011 Hockley Heath
The time thief came in the night and stole an hour. Just wait till I get hold of him, I will tell him a thing or two!
We had a carvery lunch with Kath & Martin at the wharf. All very nice and tasty and reasonable prices too. Of course, I had to have an afternoon nap with Millie on my lap.

Monday, 31 October 2011 Hockley Heath to Hopwood
A long day ahead, no locks just 2 lift bridges and two tunnels. The weather was grey but most importantly dry. We set off at 9.30. a very early start for us. The autumn colours are just stunning today, it’s a pity the sun is not out to show them at their full glory. The first lift bridge is hand cranked. Last time we came through here it was almost impossible to work. It has been repaired and is now easy to work. The next lift bridge it at the Drawbridge pub. Last time we had an ambulance stopped at the gate with blue lights and sirens going – most embarrassing. To make matters worse, Pam could not get the key out and open the bridge to road traffic. This time it worked fine without any hiccups. We picked up a fair amount of firewood on route, enough to last us a week at least. Fuel for free, how good is that!

When we came through a Bridge hole in Kings Norton, there were a small group of youths. They wanted to jump on the boat. I had a windlass in my hand to fight off any boarders, but then Millie started to bark at them. Funny how a 25lb daft dog is more of a deterrent than a 200lb angry man with a windlass in his hand. Soon after that we entered the West hill tunnel, 2 miles of total darkness and this on Halloween. We survived. No ghosts anywhere. Just to make sure, Pam had the brightest torch on the boat in her hand. Once clear of the tunnel we started to look for a mooting spot. We are within easy walking distance of the pub. This will do for a while.

I wonder if my glasses are still at the bottom of the cut outside the pub?

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