Sunday, 28 August 2011

Trip along the Caldon Canal

Captains Log

Canal Date                               27th August 2011
Current Location            Endon (Caldon Canal)

Monday, 22 August 2011          Longsdon (Nr Leek) to Cheddleton
This is a lovely location. Nice elevated views, very quiet, both canal and tow path. I would be happy to spend some time here. Unfortunately, as usual, we are running out of time and must keep moving.
We set off at 1.00. It does seem a shame to leave such a nice mooring but leave we must.. We moored at Cheddleton buy the museum. Although we have travelled almost 4 miles along the canal, we are only just over half a mile from last nights moorings.
We did mange to walk to the village pub for a meal.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011           Cheddleton to Froghall basin
We set off just before mid day and headed for the end of the canal, or at least as close to the end as I can get. The remaining length of this canal was just as nice as the rest. It is astonishing in its views and beauty. There are sections that are very narrow, a bit like Llangollen. We winded just before the last tunnel. This tunnel is les than 5ft high – We need 6ft 3”! It was never going to pass through. We walked the remaining few hundred yards to the basin. It is a gem of a place. The threatened bad weather did not materialise.
Without doubt, the Caldon Canal is on the “Must Do Again” list. The surrounding country side looks far too hilly to ever contemplate putting a canal in here. But just because it was difficult did not stop them in those days!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011         Froghall to Cheddleton
The return leg has started, I do not want this canal to end. We have had several emails today from BW saying that parts of the system are being lock down due to water shortages. Perhaps we will be marooned here. I can think of worse places to be marooned!
Half way back we were passed by the truly magnificent sight of a steam train chuffing along the track only a few feet from us. We were soon back at Cheddleton, moored at the same spot as the other day. We went for a walk to the flint museum. It was good to see one of the water wheels turning and driving the mill. It is a large wheel, I was surprised to find out that it only produces 7.5Kw. It is power for free and totally clean. The museum is well presented and easy to follow and understand. There is a large steam engine on show which has no place at all with the mill but it is still nice to see it.

Thursday, 25 August 2011          Cheddleton to Endon
This is as close to Stoke as we would like to stop. We shall make an early start when we go through Stoke again. It will not be tomorrow as the weather forecast is for rain most of the day. We will look at Saturdays forecast before making our minds up. The mooring here is fine, however it is a bit shallow and when boats pass us you can hear the sound of rocks grinding the bottom of the boat.

Friday, 26 August 2011                 Endon
A very lazy morning. The weather forecast was unfortunately correct. It rained most of the night and has not stopped this morning.
The rain has lasted most of the day. I know we need it desperately but I see no reason why it can not rain all night and have sunshine all day. Vote for me at the next election and I will change it for you!

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