Sunday, 21 August 2011

Leek Branch

Captains Log

Canal Date                        21st August 2011
Travels                       4 1/2 miles, 0 locks, 0 lift bridges

Current Location         SJ 974 541 Longsdon (Leek Branch)

We had a much easier day today, we travelled to the end of the Leek branch. A lock free stretch of the Leek Branch of the Caldon Canal.

The Leek branch is truly sunning. Probably that best so far. Certainly on a par with the Llangollen Canal. It is made better by the fact that it is just so quiet.

There are some narrow parts and there are some shallow parts and there are some narrow shallow parts. But it is so worth the effort. We winded and moored up for the night just after the tunnel at an attractive spot near Longsdon with superb elevated views over the Churnet valley.

I am just a little concerned now that I may be becoming T total as we did not find a pub last night and I can not even see a house from this location! Perhaps tomorrow will bring better fortune!

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