Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Captains Log

Canal Date              : 5th July 2011
Travels                    :14 Miles 1 Lock
Current Location  : Welford

Monday 4th July  Watford Gap to Welford
A very warm but overcast morning. The forecast is good for this morning and getting worse as the week progresses so we decided to move on this morning. A short stop at Crick was planned just to do a bit of shopping. Short shopping trips just do not seem to happen. The supermarket was a bit further than I expected. Although it was only a small shop it still took Pam an age to get round. When we got back on board we decided to have lunch. A mighty feast of fish finger sandwiches on crusty cheese topped bread was soon devoured.

After that it was most important to have a power nap! So some 2 hours after stopping we were on the move again. This is a very nice stretch of canal. Very rural, and quiet. The Welford Arm is particularly pleasant. We arrived at the end of the Welford arm at 6.30 and moored right outside a very welcoming pub. Very soon we were inside the pub having a well deserved pint and a less deserved meal. Both were very good!

Tuesday 5th July Welford.
A rather later than usual start to the morning (10.15) Then a leisurely shower and breakfast. That’s a good way to start a day. So much more civilized than going to work! After Breakfast we walked into the village to find the only shop. It is a Post Office and village store. It is better than most village shops and sells all that you may need. Even Ice cream! This tasted very nice as we sat on a bench in the sunshine – This retirement malarkey is a hard life, but someone has to do it. What’s more I do believe that we are enjoying it. I expect that we shall have to try some more of the menu tonight in the local pub. Who knows, I may even have a beer!

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