Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Foxton to Kilby Bridge

Captains Log

Canal Date                                12th July 2011
Travels                                         21Miles 22 Lock
Current Location                  Kilby Bridge
Wednesday 6July 2011 Boat movement Welford to Market Harborough (via Foxton locks)
A fair way to go today by our standards so an early start was called for. We were up at 8.00 and on our way by 9.00. The weather did not look too promising with heavy rain clouds covering most of the sky. We arrived at Foxton Locks just before mid day and had a wait of about 1 3/4 hours. It was a bit chaotic with boats everywhere. I am sure that people are jumping the queue. Once in the flight, it took only 40 minutes to complete the two staircases. The Market Harborough arm is particularly nice. The weather today was not exactly as forecast Shock Horror- The promised heavy rain did not happen, however it was quite cool when the sun hid behind one of the many clouds.

Thursday 07July 2011 Boat Movement Market Harborough to Foxton
After a mornings shopping in the town, we set off to look for more suitable moorings for the weekend. Somewhere outside the town and with a view would be nice. About 1 hour along the canal we found just the spot. It is not far from Foxton Junction and has a very large field next to us for the dog. Ideal.

Friday 08July 2011 Foxton.
A dull and wet morning, its even a bit cool on board. I printed out a route to our destination. We need to be at Stone early August, it will take about 10 days travel- we have 21days to do it, that means travelling at least every other day to keep on schedule. I think there may be some long days ahead.
We walked to Foxton Locks in the morning and had a look at the locks and shop. We called into the pub for a drink and a light lunch. I had a starter with a portion of chips. It was massive! I was not going to let it beat me. I managed to eat it all and have an ice cream in the shop on the way back. When we arrived on the boat I had an afternoon nap – for 3 hours! Guess that’s the day done then.

Sunday 10July 2011 Foxton to Newton Harcourt (8 miles south-east of Leicester)
After breakfast I gave the entire ceiling another coat of varnish. It is looking so much better now. (It stinks bloody awful) After that we had a sandwich (with just the odd hint of varnish) before setting off on our journey. We cruised, lock free for 2 hours before coming to the flight. These are wide locks and once again they were all set against us. There does seem to be an unwritten law on the canals.
After clearing the lock flight we started to look for moorings as the sky was getting heavier by the minute and it was quite obvious that it was going to get very wet very soon. We had been there for less than 5 minutes before the first intercity train howled past the other side of the hedge. It was much louder than the noise of the rain on the roof - This will do fine for tonight then!!!

Monday 10July 2011 Newton Harcourt
A good night, the trains did not bother us at all. The sun is out this morning, a gentle breeze. It has all the making of a nice day. We would appear to be miles from anywhere, no road noise and I can not see a house or even farm buildings. This would be just about perfect for us if the railway was not here.
I rubbed down and varnished the cratch, front doors and table. The entire English population of Green Fly have come and landed on the wet varnish.

Tuesday 12July 2011 Boat Movement Newton Harcort to Kilby Bridge
We set off this morning. We were not intending to travel far, just as far as the next services at Kilby Bridge. It is about 4 miles and 7 locks away. When we arrived at out destination, we looked at the BW facility block. Unfortunately for us, the only part that we really wanted was the toilet pump out, and this is locked up and out of order signs just about everywhere. Well it is lunch time. What a surprise, we are outside a pub. We were very soon inside the said pub enjoying the odd pint or two and the bargain lunchtime specials. It was exceptional value. It is a curry special night to night so we may just creep back in again. Well it does seem a shame to abandon these canal-side pubs to the locals.

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