Saturday, 28 August 2010

Tales of adventure at Hopwood

Captains Log Canal Date 28th August 2010 Travels 0 Miles Current Location Hopwood (Still outside the Hopwood House Pub) Just an update, a few things of note have taken place whilst we were moored here. I have purchased a folding mountain bike, this time it has electric assist! This I hope will enable me to move the boat and then cycles back to fetch the car. This will be most useful in the winter when we need the car most. I have tried it out and it performs well. (I can not find the heater so I think I may have to wear loads in the winter! Pam’s first, and most likely the last go on the bike ended with yet another roll, this time into a brier bush. Some nice person has stolen one of my HF aerials, it is not particularly expensive, it’s just bloody annoying. I do hope that whoever has taken it tries to connect it to a CB. That would be instant death to that CB. We have been using the Hopwood House car park whilst moored outside. Now it would be most rude not to use the pub from time to time. So we did! On Tuesday evening we had a fine meal and a drink there. We walked back to the boat, it was very dark, no moon. We were both extra careful. I am sure that you are already a few lines in front of me. Yes I went in again! This time I stepped onto the boat, my bad foot slipped. I collided very heavily with the tiller. Ending up straddling the bar and dropping into the canal. This time it hurt a lot in my “gentleman’s region” Pam was concerned that I still had my recently replaced mobile phone in my pocket. I was more concerned about the pain in my groin! I managed to climb out; I am getting good at this part now – plenty of practice. I then realised that I was holding my VHF aerial, in one hand and my new and very expensive glasses were missing so in I went again. I soon found the aerial but the glasses hove gone forever. I have to say that the canal is much warmer in August than it was in March. And just for the record, I had only had 1 pint of bitter! I have a proper bruise to my gentleman’s area, one to be proud of. I would not be too upset it the swelling remains after the bruising clears. The good news is that the phone dried out and works fine. Why is it that a £30.00 phone survives a canal swimming lesson but a £300.00 Blackberry failed miserably? Now the satellite system is playing up again. It would not work at all last night so I fired off a proper snotty email to them, you know the sort that you send when you are angry and would not sent the next day, only to find that it is working fine this morning. Still, it is supposed to work all of the time, not some of the time. We shall be moving today sometime, heading for Lapworth somewhere. I shall try my best to keep out of the water for a few days. I am running out of dry shoes.

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