Saturday, 28 August 2010

Hopwood to Lapworth

Captains Log Canal Date 28th August 2010 Travels 14 Miles 0 locks Current Location Lapworth OS Ref SP 157 720 Batteries low, no car, so time to move on. We are heading in the direction of Stratford upon Avon. We have travelled the canal from Hopwood to Kings Norton several times now and there are no more surprises. At kings Norton we took the Stratford Canal. We have never travelled this section before. It is not the nicest canal in Briton, it does go through some less than desirable housing estates but the main thing is that it is almost all in a cutting with almost total tree cover. There is very little view and alarmingly little wild life. We came to the lift bridge at the drawbridge inn, Shirley. This is a hydraulic lift, controlled by a panel. You have to inert your BW key to make it work. Just as soon as Pam inserted the key and started the cycle, an ambulance arrived, not just an ambulance, but an ambulance with flashing blue lights! Once the cycle has started you can not stop it, you have to go through and then lower the bridge. Then to open the road barrier you have to remove your key. It would not release the key at all. After what seemed like an age we eventually managed to remove the key and re-open the road. I do hope that the passenger in the ambulance has a sense of humour. We continued on our trip, now looking for a suitable mooring site. Most of the canal is either in a deep cutting, housing estate, or low trees. I was beginning to think that we were going to carry on through the night! We eventually found somewhere and this will do fine for at least tonight. PS. I have not fallen in at all today! (yet)

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