Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Ellesmere Port to Stoak

Captains Log Canal Date 8th June 2010 Travels Miles 4 Locks 0 Staircase Lock 0 Current Location Village of Stoak (4 miles NE of Chester) OS Ref SJ 431 737 We had a very noisy night moored close to the museum, unfortunately we were also very close to two major roads, and we are not used to this sort of noise at night and both found it difficult to sleep. We spent much of the day at the museum, it is much larger than I expected, with plenty to see and do. It would have been better it we had chosen a day when some of the collection of old engines were running but you can’t always pick and chose. It is a good museum, with a good lay out and should be as interesting to the confirmed canal enthusiast as it would be to anyone with no knowledge at all of the canals. We moved on, to find quieter, more rural moorings. The first mile or so is following the edge of an oil refinery, not the prettiest sight. We eventual found a suitable spot, we could get to the bank and even more important, there is a pub in the village. We you know by now that I see it as my duty to inspect the canal side pubs, and if this means having to have a drink and a meal then so be it. The weather today has changed. It was cloudy and overcast yesterday. Today it has not stopped raining at all! So much for mid summer. Still you know the saying in this country “If you don’t like the weather, wait a short while- it will change” I am still having trouble with m internet connection; I can not make my mind up if it’s a computer issue, a USB dongle issue, a Vodafone coverage issue, or just me being plain stupid. Experience tells me that it is most likely to be the latter. We did stop on the way here at a retail outlet park, the sort of place that sells posh stuff that we really do not need or want. We walked towards the site, half way there we both, simultaneously decided that we did not want to go, so we turned back to the safety and comfort of our boat and continued our journey. I don’t think I shall get of so lightly when we stay in Chester. I have managed several weeks now with out falling in the canal at all. It’s just not as much fun when the water is warmer!

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