Thursday, 10 June 2010

Chester town centre moorings

Captains Log Canal Date 10th June 2010 Travels Miles 4 Locks 0 Current Location Chester OS Ref SJ 400 667 Well, after a couple of days in the pleasant Cheshire countryside we moved on to Chester town centre. I was quite amazed at the amount of Russell Newbey boats heading for their boat gathering at the museum. I don’t know where they are all going to moor. I’m glad it is not my problem to sort it all out. It nice to hear the sound of their engines, they do make a proper narrowboat noise! This time last week it was hot and sunny, today it is cool bordering on cold. I did enjoy the 4 days of summer. I do hope that you also enjoyed it! With the extra traffic on this section of the canal the water has turned into a sort of brown soup as each passing boat stirs up the bottom. Also the floating islands of reeds that were covering much of the canal have now broken up and have created another problem, this time they are attaching them selves to my propeller. This causes the boat to slowly loose speed until the boat is put into reverse for a good blast. That usually does the trick. It is surprising what you see dumped in the canal; I had to pull out a child’s push chair. Not an old tatty thing but an almost new and very expensive looking one. I was hoping that there was not a child strapped into it, there was not! After arriving at Chester we had a light lunch and then headed of for the town centre. As towns go it is very nice. Probable the nicest town centre we have visited so far. (Pity it is full of shops and people though) We will stay here for a short while, as long as it remains quiet, before heading towards the Llangollen canal.

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