Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Short run to Dimmingsdale

Captains Log Canal Date 30th March 2010 Travels 3.5 Miles 2 Locks Current Location Dimmingsdale OS Ref SO 860 961 3 ½ miles & only 2 locks – Much more like our day’s cruising. A pleasing trip through the countryside, although we are going trough the suburbs of Wolverhampton. Very nice and quite different from the BCN. The short trip was being threatened by ever increasing black clouds. We went through a short sharp shower just before we arrived, but the main down poor waited, very kindly until after we had moored up. (That does not usually happen) Or Easter plans have been scuppered so not sure what we are doing now. This is a nice a spot as any to spend a Bank Holiday Weekend. Both the road and canal network do get busy at Bank Holidays, so I expect to remain here in the private arm surrounded by historic working boats. Just by way of a change, I have decided to not fall in the canal at all today. Captains Log Canal Date 29th March 2010 Travels 9.5 Miles 21 Locks Current Location Compton OS Ref SO 883 988 What a journey! What a surprise! I cannot stress enough how much I was not looking forward to this leg of the journey. Leaving the sanctuary of the Black Country Museum and travelling through the Black County - Tipton, Coseley, on into Wolverhampton. Then if we survive this we have the Wolverhampton 21 lock flight to look forward to. Once again the horror stories are quite wrong. The canal vista is fine, the tow path is in excellent condition and the few remaining old canal side buildings give a glimpse of this area’s proud industrial past. Yes it was a pleasure to travel this route by canal. I have worked in this area for many years, even went to collage here a very long time ago. There is no doubt that canal is the best way to travel here. Having said that, I don’t think that I would be comfortable mooring here. I think it is better to pass though and moor in a more rural area. When we arrived at the top of the first lock we were met by Rosemary, armed with here favourite windlass, with her expert help we cleared the locks in 130 minutes. Not bad considering every lock was against us. We travelled for about 7 hours, a long day by our standards. We are moored in the “Village” of Compton. It has a good pub and an excellent Chip Shop. This must be the Back County’s version of heaven. We shall stay here for a few days. Captains Log Canal Date 25th March 2010 Travels 0 Miles 0 Locks Current Location Black Country Museum OS Ref SO 950 918 Just a quick update. It would appear that I am not very good with days stating with a “T” as I fell in again just after posting the last entry. Not quite as dramatic this time but just as wet and cold. The saving grace this time was that the canal was only 4ft deep this time so my best leather hat did not float away. I was not carrying my phone either, mainly because it has not recovered from the previous dunking. It is quite amazing just how quickly one can get wet and how long it takes to dry out one’s clothes I am starting to get bored with this canal swimming malarkey. I shall make a conscious effort to not do it until the water warms up a lot.

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