Monday, 16 November 2009

Yet more stoppages!!

Captains Log

Canal Date 16th November 2009

Travels 3 miles yards

O Narrow lock

2 Tunnels

Current Location Near Alvechurch

Map Ref SO 019 711

Filled with water and decided to move on to a new location for a few days. The preferred locations was going to be either Bittell lakes if there are suitable moorings if not then continue on to Hopwood.

Whilst removing the mooring pins the rain started, slow at first and then it poured.

Only a few yards to the water tap so I did not bother to put on water proofs, big mistake, within minutes I was shivering with the cold and damp?

The rain stopped as quickly as it started and the sun came out to play. No matter how hard it shined it still did not create any significant warmth. It gets very lazy this time of year!

We soon had filled our water tank and set of into Tardebigge tunnel. Now I have travelled through many canal tunnels over the years but this one was different. It is the only tunnel that I have been through that is fully fitted with Christmas Lights. I suppose we will have our peaceful lives disturbed by young people looking for Farther Christmas very soon – Bah Humbug!!

The other thing about the tunnel is that it is just about the driest tunnel that I have been though, not a drip anywhere, most unusual indeed.

Not far after clearing Tardebigge tunnel we came to Shortwood tunnel, this is about the same length as Tardebigge and again cut through Sandstone. This time it was like driving an old discovery after a rain storm i.e. a continuous and unwelcome stream of cold running water dripping on your head. (Only Disco owners will fully understand this)

When we exited the tunnel we were met with just about the perfect autumn picture. Guess who had flat batteries in his camera?

We were looking for a toilet pump-out; the first site is the Anglo Welsh base. This appeared to be closed so we carried on to the Alvechurch Boat Centre.

When we arrived at the Alvechurch Marina we were met with a total closure. They were dredging and all of there hire fleet were at home. Absolutely no way to pass, so to much disgust of a local fisherman, we were forced to turn round. Not even half way to the Lakes! We are totally boxed in now, only 3 miles of navigable canal open to us.

It can only get better in the New Year.

We are planning on staying here overnight and then moving on a bit further tomorrow.

I suspect we will be back at out starting spot very soon.

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