Monday, 26 October 2009

Blocked by stoppages all round!

Captains Log

Canal Date 25th October 2009

Travels 200 yards

1 Narrow lock

Current Location Opposite Tardebigge BW Yard

Map Ref SO 991 691

Moved all of 200yards today to fill with water.

We decided to stop here rather than return to our last position.

Once again, we have meet up with our old friend Chris MC. We are moored next Paddington, his boat. That is twice in 4 months. Quite remarkable as either of us had no idea where the other was.

Our plan was to move on from here for a month and then return in December for our winter moorings. After looking at the “stoppages program” it was obvious that we are not going anywhere far. The Tardebigge locks below us are closed so we can not go back. The Stratford canal in closed almost at the start, so we can not go there. The Worcester Birmingham Canal is closed at Selly Oak. So we can not go very far at all. I think that the best trip we can make is to Kings Norton Junction and back. That is not very far at all, still it will charge the batteries and replenish out hot water for a day or so.

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