Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Worcester - Stourport

Captains Log Canal Date 19th August 2009 Travels 13 Miles 3 large river lock 2 Narrow stair cases I Narrow lock Current Location Stourport on Severn We have completed all of the river work now. We have travelled the entire navigable length of both the River Severn and the Rive Avon. We have enjoyed river travel a lot on this leg alone we have spotted 6 Kingfishers, but as mentioned before there is a lack of the type of moorings that we like, (quite ones) and nowhere to exercise the dog. We are back on the canals now and what a shock that was. We had become used to large river locks, fully manned and usually set for you on arrival. Now not only are the canal narrowlocks at least 2 feet narrower than they were, you have to do all of the work as well. Now it must be pointed out the Narrowboating has things in common with Touring car racing, not much in common I grant you but there is something. That is that they are both a Non Contact Sport, and both manage to forget this rule much of the time. When I came into Stourport I did manage to just nudge the port side on the way in the lock, quickly followed by a nudge to the starboard side which then sent me back into the port side and so on all the way in. I was doing fellow boaters a service. I was making the lock just a little wider for the rest of them. The lock walls looked quite nice with my green paint on them! We are now safely moored in Stourport and have had good nights sleep at last. It is much quieter here than Worcester. We intend to remain here until the weekend and then we shall move on through Kiddie and look for rural moorings again.

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