Monday, 17 August 2009

Upton - Worcester

Captains Log Canal Date 17th August 2009 Travels 9 Miles I large river lock Current Location Worcester Town Centre Next to Race Course Batteries going flat & out of water again so time to move on. I still think that we have a battery problem. We travelled further up hill on the Severn to the next port of call, Worcester. The moorings at Worcester are not the nicest moorings we have stayed on; very busy with the large party boat next door, a very noisy main line railway bridge above. It is a 5 minute walk to the main shopping centre. I had forgotten just how miserable shopping centres are. They are full of people, most not speaking English! The roads are best described as suicide runs, even the crossings are at best down right dangerous. We were woken up at 3.00am with revealers coming out of the local night club. Then to top it all we have had a sticker put on the boat saying that we have not paid the mooring fee. There is no one to pay the mooring fee to. Has the world gone mad since I stepped off, or is it just Worcester that has gone bonkers? I DON’T LIKE CITIES AT ALL!!!!! The river is full of Swans – Last night I counted 52 of them around the boat – That is a lot of swans, and poor little Millie is terrified of them all. I carried out a few minor repairs and small paint jobs this morning so we can not move until the paint has dried so tomorrow we shall be heading for Stourport. Lets hope it is nicer there. I have had enough of rivers now. They are very nice and open with loads of birds & other wildlife but mooring is difficult, usually in town centres. Poor little Millie has no tow path to walk on so she has to wait until we find a mooring.

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