Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Tewkesbury - Gloucester

Captains Log Canal Date 29th July 2009 Travels 13.Miles 3 Large (Manned) River Locks Current Location Gloucester Docks OS Ref SO 827 – 184 Lat – Lon 51.51’49.3N 2 15’07.5W Following on from the last entry, we were well and truly bottomed outside Croft Farm; our only real hope was that the rain would cause the river level to raise enough for us to float again. Over night and the following day the river dropped by another 2” this did not help at all! As we were going to the Welland Steam Fair for the weekend we had to put the boat into Tewkesbury Marina for some time. It was time to move from croft farm. I had been kept awake at night worrying about this, but when the time came, a good lump of reverse and away she came – no problems. We moored in the marina for the rest of the week whilst we went to the Steam Fair. Today was time to move from the marina off the Avon and onto the river Severn and onwards to Gloucester. We were accompanied by Lynne & Charles. The forecast was not good for today, mainly rain. I have never seen so much of it. It started off very heavy and just got worse and worse. We aimed for a pub on the Severn for lunch. We moored up to the staging and went to the pub. My worst night mare – It was shut!!!!! Total disaster. When we arrived at Gloucester Lock it was at tropical storm level. I don’t think that the lock keeper needed to fill the lock, the rain would have done it for him. Poor Charles was volunteered to go to the bow and secure the rope, by the time we cleared the lock he was soaked to the skin. His Gortex coat stopped the rain but the water ran down his wrists and soaked the inside of his coat. (Shame) After mooring in the docks we went directly to the local hostelry for food. Even more disasters –they do not serve food in the afternoon. By this time I was becoming suicidal. If I could not find food soon I was going to eat the dog. After a short walk through the historic docks we found a pub that also sold food – Result! A good day that was not spoilt by the terrible weather. Thanks to Charles & Lynne for your help and I hope that you dry out soon

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