Friday, 31 July 2009

Gloucester to Frampton on Severn

Captains Log Canal Date 31st July 2009 Travels 9.5 Miles (Loads of manned swing & lift bridges) Current Location Frampton on Severn OS Ref SO 749 – 086 Lat – Lon 51.46’35.5N 2 21’57.7W Only 48 hr moorings available in Gloucester so we had to move on. I can not believe the changes in the docks and town centre. It has transformed since my last visit some 3 years ago. We called the Lift Bridge and set off down the Sharpness Canal. We travelled all of 500yds before mooring outside a brand new shiny Sainsbury’s. After doing about £100 of shopping we had our strawberries & cream and continued our journey. The Sharpness canal is a ship canal and is very deep & wide. I could not have imagined how much better the boat moves when on deep water. At a constant 1200 revs on a normal canal I would expect to be travelling at 3 mph and making a reasonable wash. On this canal at the same revs I was travelling at 5mph and not making any noticeable wash. I was told by the lock keeper in Gloucester that I should call in to each bridge before I arrive. They come so thick & fast that you would never be able to do that. I was not an issue; each bridge was lifted or swung open as I arrived. It’s nice to have someone else (Other than Pam) to do the heavy work. It was dry today, a vast improvement; however it was noticeably cold and getting colder. We moored up by the village of Frampton on Severn. There must be a mistake somewhere – Not a pub in site! We shall stay here for a day or two before moving on to Sharpness.

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