Saturday, 6 June 2009

Killer Swans & Giant Pythons

Captains Log

Canal Date 6th June 2009

Travels 7 miles

8 locks

Current Location Moored alongside the Blue Lias Pub

Near Long Itchington

OS Ref SP42051 – 63783

Lat – Long 52 17’12.8N 1 21’22.9W

We have made it all the way to the Blue Lias with out sinking either ourselves or anyone else. So far so good!

Friday’s weather forecast was poor so we moved on Thursday; the sun was out, no wind, a perfect summer’s day. Well that was until Pam screamed at the top of her voice, in obvious distress. It transpired that a Swan reared up and tapped the galley window with its beak, making a lot of noise. After calming down, Pam took Millie for a walk along the tow path. Again another scream. This time it was a giant python basking in the sun. It was a moderate sized Grass snake but Pam insists that it was a Man eating Python.

Well it had to happen in the end – we came to a stop – go sign and it was on STOP!

With my luck I just new that we would be held there for hours, not so this time I gave a good long blast on my nice new shiny brass horn and a man came out of the bridge and called us on. That was money well spent, I am sure that the little squeaker that was fitted would not have had the same effect!

We arrived at Stockton Lock Flight and went through on out own. Now I have been full time on this boat for 5 weeks now and just as I start to get to think that I am getting the hang of it I make a total cock up and rattle my way into the locks. (Well paint is not very expensive)

When we arrived at the pub I was a little surprised to find that there are no visitor moorings. The tow path side are all long term moorings and the pub side is for patrons only.

We are hoping to stay here until Sunday next week (After the MROC rally) so we go into the pub to ask if we can stay for a few days. We could not have been made more welcome. I expected to be charged mooring fees but no, he was happy for us to stay.

Well you know what that means – yes you have got it – we have eaten in the pub on Thursday & Friday evening. There is another 8 evenings here. I don’t think that I can afford it.

It is a very nice location. The Pub is very friendly the food is very good. The grounds are manicured to perfection. The caravan site is beautiful. Definitely a stopover point when I next travel this way.

It is Saturday morning as I write this and it is cold, wet and windy. A remarkable change in the weather. I do hope we return to summer very soon.

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