Friday, 1 May 2015

A Day of Anniversaries

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Canal Date 1st May 2015
A day of anniversaries!

Mayday Mayday Mayday! A day to remember.

Not only is today our 44th wedding anniversary, it is also my 6th anniversary of giving up work and the 6th anniversary of leaving the safety of the marina to sale the high seas. Well the canals if you are being pedantic. It really does not fell like 44 years of marriage and it is like yesterday when we chugged out of the marina.
Our gift to each other was a commissioned “Rag Rug” It is a fabulous bright and sunny Sunflower. The photos just do not do it justice. It is a true work of art and I really think it is a waste for it to be trod on while on the floor.

I also picked a single flower for Pam – Well where was I going to get a bouquet of flowers from round here?

 We are moored right outside the marina where we bought the boat; Alvecote near Tamworth, there is a “Floating Market” here over the weekend and that will be something to look at.

 Well the gearbox is still working as it should and not sending up smoke signals. We have done 30 trouble free miles and I am staring to get a just little tiny bit of confidence back. Well I have to now I have paid the bill!

We are heading back to our home country and will spend a week or two caravanning at Eastnor Deer Park to help out at the Landrover National event which will be taking place over the coming bank holiday weekend. That will make a change. There is much less chance of me falling in the canal when one is caravanning.

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