Saturday, 2 March 2013

Captains Log
Canal Date 2nd March 2013

Current Location Hopwood

Well, this is our last night at Hopwood and tomorrow we start our 2013 world cruise of the Inland Waterways. It has not been a bad winter as winters go. Most of the winter stoppages have now been finished. The icebergs have now all gone.
It feels good to be moving again.
We spent much of the day sorting out all the last minute things that should have been sorted out over the winter but were not done. We are now ship shape and ready. Just waiting for the off.
We will raise the anchor and set sail at the crack of dawn, heading due north for Birmingham city center  If we set off by 1100 hrs we should be moored up by the N.I.A. at 1500 hrs. Plenty far enough for the first day.

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