Thursday, 5 April 2012

Brewood to Shebdon Embankment

Captains Log     2nd Leg of the new (Plan B) World Cruise.

Canal date                           5th April 2012

Start Location                 Brewood

Finish location                Shebdon Embankment (The Anchor Inn)

Miles 13       Locks 1

The weather has improved now, so it is time to continue. It is still very grey, but it is not raining and the wind has now gone completely. Pam took Millie for her walk, by the time she had come back – Only 5 minutes later – 5 boats had left the moorings and were heading in the same direction as us. No doubt that there would be a bit of a queue at the next lock!. When we arrived there, there were only 2 boats in front, the others had moored up for lunch. We were soon through and onto the moorings for fuel at Wheaton Aston. We took our fill of diesel (Bloody ouch!) and continued on. It was still a dry day but bitterly cold.

Now I know this completely out of character but we passed seven pubs on route. Note the passed bit, we did not stop at any of them! Not even one! We weakened in the end decided to stop for the night at a canal side pub and enjoy a well deserved pub lunch. The first disappointment was that we were told that it does did not open until 7.00. We waited until 7.30 before accepting the fact that they were not going to open at all! Typical! We have passed 7 pubs today and we managed to stop at the only one that is closed! Better luck next time?

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