Monday, 1 August 2011

Black Bottom Time

Captains Log

Canal Date        1st August 2011
Travels                 5 Miles - 5 Locks
Current Location  Roger Fullers (Boat builder) Yard Stone

A dull and overcast morning. Just a bit on the cool side. We set off at 10.45 and once again had to queue at the locks. It is nice cruising in the summer, but it can become just a bit tiresome watching some of the boaters who have no idea at all and will not listen to helpful advice. The whole length of this section of canal is very nice and we could easily moored there for some time if did not have to be at Stone to meet the family.
We arrived at Stone at 2.00, after mooring up and having a light lunch we went to find Roger Fuller. We discussed blacking and the upshot is that the boat is coming out tomorrow and Pam & I are blacking the boat ourselves. That sounds like a bit of fun. I wonder who will get the most paint on themselves.

Out of the water

Saturday 30/07/11 Roger Fullers Yard Stone.

Up rather early this morning, just in case Roger is different to all other canal people and starts early. He is not. We started to lift the boat at 10.30. It was on the bank in less than 10 minutes. Just as soon as it landed we set about attacking it with a pressure washer. Most of the old paint was removed and the majority of the boat was taken down to bare metal. We gave the hull a coat of black. I was surprised how well the paint went on and how quickly the job was done. Once the first coat was on I turned my attention to the rear counter. The red paint was looking well past its best. So that was rubbed down and a coat of undercoat was applied. It looked rather fetching in “Barbie Pink”

Bent Blade

Sunday 31/07/11 Roger Fullers Yard Stone
After breakfast we gave the boat a second coat of blacking. It looks so much better than when it came out of the water now. I then painter the white band at the rear and rubbed down the green up to the gunwales ready for a coat of paint tomorrow.
Shiny repaired Blade
The Happy Workers

The weather has clouded over this morning; I do hope that the rain stays away. I painted the white band. Then I turned my attention to the green. Roger came back and fitted 4 Fuller fitted 4 new anodes while Pam & I gave the hull its 3rd and final coat of blacking. Roger then set to work on the rather bent and very second hand looking prop. With a lot of heating and a bit of banging he made it look brand new.

It has been quite a lot of work. I had almost forgotten what work was like. It is most rewarding to see the finished product. We both are very pleased with the outcome. We should be back to our normal floating tomorrow.

All Finished and Shiny
Thanks to Roger  Fuller for his help and advice during this progect.

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