Friday, 22 July 2011

Fradley Junction

Captains Log

Canal Date                                    22nd July 2011
Travels                                 13 Miles 7 Locks
Current Location                      Between Alrewas & Fradley Junction

We set off at 11.00 The weather looked rather threatening but stayed dry all day. We have now completed all of the wide locks now, all the remaining locks for a good while will be narrow. The canal follows the route of the River Trent and in places joins the river. Even though the river is very low, there are strong currents at the weirs. When we approached Burton the build up for the IWA National was well underway. Certainly all the close moorings have already been taken. We continued to find a spot for the night. We moored about half way between Alrewas and Fradley. Not the best spot on the canal. It is too shallow, the banks are over grown and there are too many flies. It will do for tonight.

Thursday 21/07/11
We are infested with horrid flies. They are coming from the plants and small bushes along the bank. We moved the boat 200 yards to a better mooring. Less over growth, less flies and it floats. Even the sun came out for a few minutes. I think we may stay here for the weekend.

When we pass through Fradley Junction we will have completed the Leicester Ring.

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