Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Icebound at Hopwood

Captains Log

Canal Date 21st December 2010
Travels still not possible
Current Location Still at Hopwood (Well inside the Arctic Circle)

It was a good job we did the ice breaking run last week as we have been totally frozen in ever since and there does not seem to be any end in sight.

We have been having day time temperatures of no more than -1 and dropping down to -10 during the nights. We have had about 10” of snow so far and yet more forecast. The local BW Water point has not produced any water for weeks; we are now collecting fresh water when we visit friends.

Life is still comfortable on board. The log burner has not gone out for ages. The evening temperatures on board are in the high twenties.

We planed to be here overnight and then moving on to Birmingham. That was four weeks ago. We have not managed any movement other than the run to Kings Norton, and that was touch & go. The ice was too thick to travel any further.

We shall have to remain here until the inevitable thaw starts, maybe July some time!!

Sit Rep:

• Christmas decorations up and working.
• Solar panels are no more than ornaments – No Sun!
• Log burner working overtime.
• Central heating working fine.
• Inside a pleasant 26deg.
• Outside -4.5 deg grey cloud, sky looks full of snow.
• Dog covered in snow!
• We have 3/4 tank of water.
• 1/2 tank of Diesel
• We have a reasonable supply of wood. (But going down fast)
• Coal is getting a bit low now.
• I empty propane cylinder.

It is looking more and more like we shall be here for quite some time to come. It’s a stroke of luck that it is a nice place, I would not be too happy if we were stranded in Birmingham City Centre.

The pub – The Hopwood House - have been very accommodating. They are happy for us to use their car park and to use their waste skips. They are also very happy to sell us drinks & meals, and we are more than happy to buy them!

I am looking forward to the day the ice starts melting, but I am not looking forward to the inevitable result of muddy tow path that will surely follow.

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