Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Ice bound at Hopwood

Captains Log

Canal Date                 14th December 2010

Travels                        still not possible

Current Location       Still at Hopwood (Just south of Lapland)

We had a real attempt at breaking through the ice this morning. We were defeated! What looked like patches of wet ice floating on the canal were puddles of rain on top of 4” of solid ice.

It is frustrating in so much as we can see that it we can see that the canal is ice free only 300 yards ahead but with this thickness of ice, we were going nowhere. We could go forwards & backwards but the ice sheet pushed us into the bank each time. No chance of steering at all.

We shall have another attempt at moving on Thursday morning. Hopefully, by then, the ice should be either gone or significantly thinner. If that fails then there is no plan B as the forecast is for a return to night time temperatures of -10 again. We shall be stuck again for another two weeks, this time with a full poo tank and empty water tanks. Looks increasingly like we shall be moving into the pub!

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