Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Back to Tardebigge

Captains Log Canal Date 2nd November 2010 Travels 2 miles 29 Narrow Locks Current Location Tardibigge New Wharf OS 995 693 When we looked out of the window all we saw was mist & fog, it was not looking good. With 29 locks to go we both hoped for fine weather. Jim & Joan had planned to join us to help us and not long before we set off, an old friend –Mike - came out of the woodwork to help. We had planed to set off at 10.00, with an expected journey time of 5 hrs. After the morning coffee and getting up to date with the gossip we set off before 10.30. Not bad at all for us. Jim & Joan had walked the 2 miles down the locks and reported that all the locks were set in our favour, most unusual. Minutes after he said that, a boat passed us and stole the locks, so now every lock will be against us. Bugger! With my old management skills still in tact I set my willing team to work the locks. With Jim & Mike in front setting the locks and Pam & Joan Closing the gates. It was soon clear that instead of the 6 locks per hour that we had hoped for, we were completing 10. Wonderful! Just to help the day the fog turned into mist and then that vanished to leave a beautiful sunny day. In less than 3 hours we had completed the climb and were all sitting down to one of Pam’s famous doorstep sandwiches and hot coffee. On arrival at Top Lock it felt just like coming home. Perhaps we spend too much time in this area.

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