Saturday, 8 May 2010

Heading North

Captains Log

Canal Date 8th May 2010

Travels 4 1/2 Miles

Locks 2

Current Location Bilbrook

OS Ref SJ 888 040

After wandering round Compton re-stocking the ships medicine cabinet and fresh foods (including copious quantise of Black Country Pork Scratchings) we set off once again. This time a little earlier than yesterday, 3.00 pm.

Our first port of call was to be the chandlers about 100yds away to empty the loo tank, only to find that their pump was bust! We have our own pump but there is nowhere for miles to use it.

We continued through the lock and carried on then turned up the Shropshire Union Canal. At the junction there is the shallowest lock I have come across, it must be about 6” drop. It is also a hire base and we met up with them all. Most not having a clue what to do. It’s entertaining watching the look of horror on their faces as they try to aviod the other boats.

Its lock free sailing for some time from here.

On route we came across our first sighting of new chicks, all yellow and fluffy. The look so cute. Pam would not let me collect any; apparently you do need quite a few to make a decent meal.

We found what looked like an ideal spot to moor up, however even though there was a plied bank and mooring rings we could not get anywhere near to the bank. It is hard to move the boat when there is no water under the hull! We eventually found a concrete edged bank and moored up to that.

Why did B.W. put a ledge under the water making it impossible to get to the bank? I am sure that they have there reasons. Perhaps it is a conspiracy to try to make me fall in yet again. (Strange and wondrous ways)

I expect to remain here for a few days, at least to let the weekend boaters go back to work and free up the canal. Dam traffic!!!!

Captains Log

Canal Date 7th May 2010

Travels 3 1/2 Miles

Locks 2

Current Location Compton

OS Ref SO 883 988

After an extended stay at Dimmingsdale due mainly to us liking it there rather a lot and change of plans i.e. going away with the caravan at Easter, Going to the Falkirk Wheel, and going to Eastnor Castle for May Day weekend; we moved off rather earlier than we had planned.

On Thursday, two boats moored up at Dimmingsdale and informed us that there was several more arriving for the weekend. We then decided that it would be best if we were to move before we became boxed in. So off we went, heading north-ish towards our first planned destination – Llangollen. Now as we set off at 5.00pm not exactly at the custom nary “Crack of Dawn” we did not get that far, only as far as the first chip shop in fact. (As they say around here “Its yam Bostin chippie”)

Moving away from Dimmingsdale was both exiting as we have not moved the boat for a few weeks, but also just a little sad. It is an ideal place. It is reasonably secure and the boss (Millie) can run around all day long without getting into trouble. Also it meant that I no longer have access to my petrol gobbling monster – V8 Disco, so it is walking to shops for the next few months!!!

Compton is a pleasant enough spot, It has small supermarkets, pubs, takeaways, chemists, and of course the bostin chippie!

We will stay here overnight before we move away from Wolverhampton and into the quiet backwaters of the Shropshire Union Canal.


I have not fallen in the canal at all, not even a little bit, for weeks now. Even the bruises on my legs are almost healed! But I did walk into a barbed wire fence-top and poked a few holes in my head! Oh how I laughed!!!!

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