Friday, 16 October 2009

Bridge, Bang, Cruch, Rip, Ups

Captains Log

Canal Date 16th October 2009

Travels 7 Miles


4 Narrow locks

Current Location Stourport on Severn

We moved on to Stourport for the weekend, on route we stopped off at Kidderminster for a bit of shopping. Why is it that when you walk around a shopping centre you always find something that you cannot live without, even though you have lived quite happily with out for the last 58 years? This time it was a bread bin.

After being robbed, as usual, at the checkout at Sainsbury’s, we continued our voyage towards Stourport. By now the light mist/drizzle had turned into rain. Not what the weather man had promised at all! I was travelling into the wind, glasses misted, sitting on a rather wet seat, with cold wet hands. Still smiling, still happy with my little lot. Then it all went a bit pear shaped. A momentary lapse of concentration. Too close to the bridge, the boat did not react to the steering. Possibly something on the bottom. Then I hit the side of the bridge. Only kissed it but hard enough to damage the front cratch cover.

I did say “Oh bother, tut tut, never mind worse things happen at sea”, and other such phrases! On inspection we found that the cover was damaged in the corner. Not enough to let water in or to flap about, but bad enough to warrant a professional repair as soon as possible.

It’s funny, but after that little incident, my concentration levels were much higher for the rest of the trip.

We are moored on the visitor moorings in Stourport, and intend to stay here for the weekend, and then we shall travel down the River Severn to Diglis Basin and on to the Birmingham Worcester Canal.

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