Saturday, 30 May 2009

The Voyage to Blue Lias

Captains Log Canal Date 30th May 2009 Travels 5 miles 2 locks 1 long tunnel 1 very congested staircase flight Current Location Norton Junction (on the A5) SP60046 – 65834 The Crick Boat Show was a little smaller this year. There was space for more traders. This is not surprising, the last three years have all been very wet and last years was closed early because of the strong winds blowing down the marquees. (I do remember a similar thing happening at the Landrover 60th at Eastnor!) Having said that everything that you could possibly want, and loads of stuff that you could positively live with out was available. Live music everywhere and a very pleasant atmosphere which was improved further by meeting many friends whilst on site. Well after a hectic 3 days of the show and a very restful 3 days after the show the batteries were getting a bit low, so it was time to move on. Our next port of call is the Blue Lias pub on the Grand Union. We have 2 weeks to make this epic voyage, it should take about 12 hours so as you can see we are not under any pressure to get there! We have travelled on to Norton Junction where we stopped on the way to Crick. This route takes us through Crick tunnel. It is quite long and straight. The only problem is that it does have a bit of water seeping through from time to time. When I say a bit of water, what I really mean is that it would have been just as dry to swim the 1528 yards! Then just for fun it takes you through Watford Flight. On the way up we waited for 4 ½ hours to get on the flight, it was much better this time – only 2 ½ hours. If you are in a rush then this lifestyle would not be for you. We had to call in to the pub that served Pam a “rock hard suet pudding” Its only fair to give them another chance. Further more, it is the only pub for miles. Food was fine this time. We shall remain here for the weekend, (the moorings not the pub) the canal is busy being the final weekend of the school holidays. We can wait until it is all calm again. The Sun is shining, its lovely and warm, beautiful scenery, who could ask for more?

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