Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Captains Log
Canal Date         6th March 2013

Current Location Greensforge (Nr. Kinver)

Well all did go to plan Jim arrived on time and we did make it to Birmingham on the first day. We stayed in our usual spot outside the NIA. It has always been quiet there. Much quieter than you could ever expect. Of course, we had to have a meal out, it being the first night and all that.
Next morning we were all up and chomping at the bit and eager to go. Well it was almost 10.00 The run through the Birmingham Canal Navigation is always interesting. I have taken an interest in the industrial archaeology and the sight of the old factories and foundries that follow the length of the canal area most interesting sight. When one thinks of Birmingham and the Black Country it conjurers up images of dirt and deprivation but the canal has been improved so much that it is just like travelling through a long park. There are areas with derelict old building but that only adds to the character and it must be remembered that the only reason the canal was there was to serve the factory’s. We stopped overnight at the Black Country Museum. I was very keen to have some of the famous fish & chips cooked in beef dripping. I was devastated to find that the museum was closed.
Next morning we set off again, Still on the BCN heading for Wolverhampton and its famous or infamous 21 locks. With Pam and our new apprentice Jim the had the locks done in less than 3 hours. I don’t know why but they did look tired after that?
We forced ourselves to go to an Indian restaurant for our evening meal.
Next morning the weather had changed. It had been bright and sunny but now its dull and grey with a bit of drizzle. Undeterred, we set off once again on our expedition to Cookley. This leg of the run is a bitty one with locks every mile or so. At times it did feel like we were not making any progress at all but we did eventually get to out destination of Greensforge near Kinver. And to my complete surprise we stopped right out side a pub again. Well it would be rude not to try it out and I was bought up not to be rude!

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